Sunday, October 14, 2012


We are really bad at this.

Really really bad.


May I introduce you to Augusta?

Exercise caution. She can smell fear.

Even if she has no nose.

Maybe this will count as my craft (which makes it YOUR TURN MOLLY).

Yes, I think that's what I'll do.


Well, you cut off the toe of a sock. Just the round part.

Then, from the inside, you insert a piece of oval shaped cardboard. It has to be folded or there's no point.  

It's her mouth, see?

After that, I  glued some pink fabric on. It's optional of course. If you're the kind of cruel person who wants your Augustlet to go around with an ugly brown papery mouth.

Here's some incentive.
Much prettier.

Now you can add eyes. Just regular one inch googlies.

Then comes the hair.

The tricky part which i conveniently don't have pictures for.

Here goes...

Unravel about four feet of yarn.

 Fold it in half and repeat about twenty times so you have a nice thick oval like thing. 

Then glue it on her head.    

When every strand is glued down cut the loops so they are separate strands.

With me?


(When it's all glued down DO NOT MAKE MY MISTAKE and try to make a part. 

It doesn't work.)

Glue something on her hair so it LOOKS like there's a part but it's just hidden.

I made a lovely crystal flower.

Now you can make your Augustlet live!!! 

And it doesn't have to be named Augusta.

It is simply (your choice name here) the Augustlet.

Like the lovely Boomberry... 

erm yeah.

Or you can totally ignore my pattern and make yourself a lovely Bart.

Or Mr. Fluffypants.

Copyright. Maddie's brain. And Isaac's. And Clara's. You can tell whose is whose.




Monday, August 20, 2012


Once again we have gone AWOL. Sorry. I'm working on a craft idea. :) do hang in there!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Our apologies for appearing to be AWOL. Or MIA. But We*cough-Maddie-cough* have been having a little crafter's block and are currently brainstorming. We're planning on starting HAIR-MANIA MONDAYS coming soon. In the meantime...

Check out this bunny!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

oregon beaches

This video is from cannon beach in oregon. its from a couple months ago. the wind was blowing so hard that our kites would get pulled straight down! then we went to a different beach where it was sunny and there was no wind :)

ephraims game

ephraim made up this game that he played with grace and i. he would give us a high five and then we would act like it hurt, so ephraim would say, "it's otay!". then we would tickle him and then he"d have us do it all over again. it was really funny :)

Easter with Maddie!

Just Dance

Ephraim even tried to copy the older kids :)

Ephraims dance move

Clara, Cole, and some of Nori

Miss model Maddie :P

funny faces :P :) :D :X

Ephraim the day they arrived.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Guess what we did in Oregon...

and here's panicky little me... just realized I'm holding a teddy bear and a stress ball AND my moms hand. haha I'm a wimp :)